ZK-010 Keris Buto Ijo


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Style / Dapur:    Buto Ijo

Era / Tangguh:   Madura, 20th Century

Surface Pattern / Pamor: Rongenduru Sungsang

Waves / Luks:   9

Handle / Hilt:   Yogya (Jogjakarta)

Sheath / Scabbard: Ladrang Yogya, Timoho Wood

Length:    35.3cm

Weight:   196 grams

Khodam/Genie/Jinn Spirit: Yes

Main Characteristic:   Increases Influence & Charisma

Virtues: Psychic Protection from Etheric & Astral Entities, Protection of one’s Home from all forms of Metaphysical Intruders. Protection from Black Magick, Psychic Attacks and Spells. Deflects All Attacks back to the Source. Attracts wealth and prosperity. Power of Influence. Increases Will-Power.

*Certificate Of Authenticity Available*

Weight 5.0000 kg


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