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Keris Item No: K-03 Happily Married



Style / Dapur:    Sinom

Era / Tangguh:   Mataram Sultan Agung, 16th

Surface Pattern / Pamor: Pendaringan Kebak

Waves / Luks:  Straight

Handle / Hilt:   Yogyakarta

Sheath / Scabbard:  Gayaman Yogyakarta, Trembalo

Length:    37.4 cm

Weight:   300 grams


Main Characteristic:
 Raw Magickal/Spiritual Power, Creativeness, Fame & Youth

Virtues: Protection from Negative spirits and Magickal
Attacks, Protection from physical attacks, Attraction/Enchanting powers, Good
for Personal and Domestic Relationships, Very Good for Artists and Thinkers,
Attracts Good Luck & Prosperity, High Degree of charismatic Presence,

Very Good for Presenters & Celebrities, Helps one
to acquire respect & Fame, helps one to socialize easily, helps one to look
Young and beautiful, Helps to maintain ones youth.


Description: These Keris Blades are very Scarce, It is
difficult to find one of this calibers, it is a very well preserved keris Fully
certified too! This one shows a complete pamor. These types of keris are very
hard to find (one in every thousands) It is believed to represent Youth and

*Cerificate Of Authenticity Will Be Provided Upon

Weight 1.0000 kg


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