Keris Singa Barong–Happily Married


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Keris Item No: JODO – 09 Certificate
Happily Married

Style / Dapur: Singo Barong

Era / Tangguh: Madura, XVI Century

Surface Pattern / Pamor: Nggajih

Waves / Luks: 13

Handle / Hilt: Solo (Surakarta)

Sheath / Scabbard: Ladrang Solo, Trembalo Wood

Length: 36.5 cm

Weight: 160 grams

Khodam/Genie/Jinn Spirit: – Yes

Characteristic: Suitable for a Political Leaders or Businessman.

Virtues: Brings great success and protection from enemies. It guides one
away from making bad decisions. Authority & Commanding presence, Helps one
to acquire followers. Helps to accumulate Social Status and Political

Description: Singo Barong referred to an Etheric Creatures normally found
in Bali which looks similar to a lion.

Laminated Museum Certificate
Provided—Psychic Reading Included.

Weight 1.0000 kg


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