Keris Bethok Buto Ijo – ZK-319


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Keris Bethok Buto Ijo

General magical Virtues :
– Control and tame other keris energies and spirit entities residing on those magical objects
– Help to control other spirit entities one possessed
– Tames aggressive energies or spirits
– Neutralize the negative effects of certain keris, black magic attacks, and spell
– Neutralize negative energies in one’s aura and the aura of the house
– Block and wards off Black magic in the house or for families
– Helps to fight Ghost and negative entities
– open a path to success
– attracts good luck

Keris Bethok Buto Ijo

This keris has extra Magical Protection, makes magical beings fear the user especially suitable for those conjuring spirits controlling or moving them away from haunted house and possessed individuals

Keris is suitable for those that hold a high-ranking position in business, government, politics, military, and social services.

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