Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

About The Keris

As mystical as these antiques are beautiful, keris swords are antique daggers with assymetrical blades that have been constructed entirely for magick & Spiritual purposes. The word “keris” comes from the Malaise language and, pronounced Kerēse with a long ‘e’ vowel sound on the second ‘e’, it means to "stab" or to "pierce. Now, even though the origin of the name indicates that these daggers were intended as weapons, it has been oft-reported that these sacred weapons were actually not made for combat, but rather as spiritual objects designed to protect their owners, warn them of impending danger and even allowed them to peek into the future. Other legends assert that kris or keris blades were most definintely made for combat, some even made specifically to kill a particular enemy. Such keris or kris antique swords, blades, and weapons were "retired" after this act. The word “keris” is considered the proper name for these antique swords because it’s the word used to describe them in their native countries. The word “kris” is a European variation on keris, used more commonly in the West (and especially the western marketplace) to refer to the very same sacred weapons. Occasionally, however, you may see “kris” used to refer specifically to the antique daggers of the Moro in the Southern Phillipines and “keris” used as the more generic term to apply to these type of sacred weapons from every other part of the archipelago. For those who know the keris antique swords, daggers, or weapons, their magical, supernatural and spiritual properties are famous, and one of things that makes these antiques so prized and extraordinary. It is believed that the origins of keris antique swords, daggers, and blades date back to the 7th century in the Malay Archipelago. Keris and kris blades are now known to be indigienous to regions of Indonesia, Southern Thailand, Brunei, the Southern Phillipines, and Malaysia. Similarly to how the Japanese Samurais revere their Sumarai antique swords, so do the natives of these countries revere their keris antique swords, daggers, and weapons. Some scholars believe that the first krisses or kerises were inspired by antique daggers of the Dong-Son of Vietnam which existed as early as 300 B.C. More study and research is being conducted into the exact origins of these mysterious, antique blades by studying early carvings found in Southeast Asia. Antique swords like keris daggers or blades are often passed down from generation to generation.

The creation of keris antique swords, daggers, and weapons are a long and complicated magical ritual which involves the blending of the metal with magickal ingredients and the invoking of a powerful Genie (also know as a Jinn or Khodam Spirit) into each of the keris antique swords, daggers, and blades. What gives keris antique swords, daggers, and weapons their power is the Khodam or Jinn that resides within it. The Khodam or Jinn, is a magickal Spirit that normally exists in a parallel dimension. It requires the performance of complex rituals to draw a Khodam or Jinn across the threshold and encourage it to make its home in magically prepared objects, like keris antique swords, daggers, or weapons. Unlike the Alladin story, however, the Khodam or Jinn do not appear to the user physically to grant all of his or her wishes. They are invisible beings residing beneath the surface of the keris antique swords, daggers, and weapons, only visible through clairvoyant vision, and although Jinns and Khodams often can grant your wishes, it may take time, according to the power of the individual Khodam of Jinn. Different Khodams and Jinns will have different strengths, and different religious or affiliations. After the keris antique swords, daggers, or weapons have been created, the Spirit is continually fed, so it gradually grows more powerful. The most magickal and powerful kerises and krisses are said to be made by empus of equal magnitude in magickal and spiritual status.

First of all, rest assured – there is a right kris or keris for you. Some kris or keris daggers are perfectly suited for beginners and, in fact, work better with beginners than with experienced magicians. You can find kris and keris blades that require no foreknowledge or previous experience with magick whatsoever to operate effective. These kris and keris blades were deisgned to protect an entire family or household. Simply hang this type of keris or kris on the wall, feed it once a month, and the Khodam or Jinn will do its magick for you, all on its own – be it protecting you and your family from harm, providing healing, or attracting wealth or good luck. Other keris antique swords, daggers, and blades work excellently for the novice individual – perhaps a budding or aspiring magician. These types of keris antique swords, blades, and weapons simply require that you hold it in your hands and visualize your desire for the Jinn or Khodam inside to perform the appropriate magick. Still other keris antique daggers, swords, and blades are designed for the experienced magician – one who plans to use the sacred weapons in the performance of rituals. Some keris antique blades, daggers, and swords are intended to be carried on the Keeper’s person, designed to confer authority upon the carrier, silencing opponents and making the Keeper successful in all debates and interviews. Still other keris antique daggers, swords, and blades possess a very particular magickal usage, requiring the following of detailed instructions (provided with purchase, of course) in order to properly and effectively utilize its power. Some krisses and kerises are crafted with exquisiteness and beauty in mind. Other kerises and krisses are designed with magickal power in mind. Mostly the empus combine these two characteristics together to create the ultimate types of keris antique swords, blades, and daggers, and it is these antiques that we seek to provide to you.

We at Ancient Keris provide all types of magickal keris antique daggers, swords, and weapons with many types of Jinns/Genies/Khodams within. We hold a vast range of krisses and kerises, from those antique keris antique weapons, swords, and daggers ideal for the curious beginner to those antique keris antique swords, weapons, and daggers designed specifically for advanced magicians and spiritual masters. We obtain these krisses and kerises from the ancestral belongings, passed down from generation to generation for centuries, of ancient ancestors whose expertise in magickal keris antique swords, blades, and weapons creation still remains a secret today, their techniques closely guarded and passed down only within their bloodlines. Our keris antique weapons, swords, and daggers go back as far as the 8th century, when the most powerful magickal knives & swords were made. We tend to acquire krisses and kerises with religious Jinns, as they are safe and serve their Keeper well. All our keris antique swords, blades, and daggers come from Indonesia, where the Jinns tend to be Muslim or Hindu, and commonly take on one of the holy names of Allah or the name of the Hindu deity they work with. Their names will therefore reflect their particular powers. We scan each and every one of our antique blades to ensure that the Spirit within possesses a positive nature and is naturally inclined to guide and protect people in positive and proactive manners. To ensure each of our keris antique blades, swords, and daggers’ authenticity, we are aided in our examination of them by the guidance and expertise of two individual Spiritual adepts. Before we put any krisses or kerises up for sale, we first obtain a guarantee that they are genuine and certified antiques. We also provide each buyer with key information on each specific keris antique sword, dagger, blade, or weapon and the Spirit dwelling within based on the carrying out of a full psychic reading. The krisses and kerises in our collection have grown estraordinarily potent through their magickal & Spiritual usage and continuous feeding.

Feeding keris antique swords, daggers, and weapons is easy. The Jinn Spirits often feed on scent, and all you have to do is regularly anoint your keris antique weapons, blades, and swords with aromatic oils or, alternately, regularly pass the keris or kris swords through incense smoke. Some keris antique blades, swords, and daggers need to be exposed to moonlight. Other kerises or krisses require food offerings. You simply put the food next to the keris antique swords, daggers, and blades and leave it overnight. The spirit will absorb the energy of the food.

Shipping & Delivery

You will receive the pearl which has been magically cleansed by us, for free, and you will also receive a much more detailed psychic report by email once you have confirmed receipt of the items. The psychic reading will be emailed to you after you have confirmed receipt of the pearl.

Depending on how you made your order, once your payment is confirmed we will ship in less then 72 hours excluding weekends. Normally the pearls and stones are blessed before shipment with the specific customer in mind. While we state 72 hours, more often than not orders are shipped within 48 hours.

Payment & Refund

Yes, you can do this, but we only accept cards verified by visa and secure master card payments. This means if you posses a Visa Card or Master Card which has not been verified yet then you will need to verify the card by going through certain procedures which determines if you are the genuine credit card holder. This procedure is only completed once and you will not be asked to go through these steps again. Once visa or Master card has verified you instantly you will be given a four digit pin number which you will need next time you order through our site or any other website on the internet which has setup higher security for accepting payments.

We accept payment by Credit Cards, Paypal, Bank Transfers & Western Union. 

However Paypal has high transaction fees, these fees are non refundable to us in case you decide to cancel your order or request a Full Refund. Should this occur, we will refund you the full amount minus 10% which includes our Restocking fees and PayPal transaction fees plus shipping fees if your item has been shipped out.

Resellers Program

Yes. Drop shipping is possible, we also have RSS feed installed on our website, you can retrieve live data products from us in real time making your life easier and allowing you to concentrate on adverting and promotions. Email Zahir Karbani for this request. We can help you setup your site, as we have designed and built our Ecommerce system. We hold full rights and can give you a license to use it.

Yes, why not. If you have a good connection to like minded people, who may well find mustikas and bezoars interesting then this may be a good venture for you. We can offer you larger discounts (depending on how many you order) which will help your business to start up quicker. We are here to assist you, email us and speak to us about this. We can assist in all parts of the business and provide you further advice while in operation.

Affiliate Program

Yes, you most certainly can, before joining we would like to see where and how you will market the product. We do not want affiliate account holders giving clients false hope or pushing false sales hype so that unhappy or deluded visitors will be passed on to us. We will have to review your site before allowing membership in our affiliate program. Once we are assured that you will not break our terms and that you have the customers best interests at heart, you will be able to create an account with us instantly. See our Affiliate Information section on mainpage.

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