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Tilam Upih-K-01--Married
Dowry: £468.00
Married (Not in Stock)
Quantity: Reviews

Keris Item No: K-01


Style / Dapur:    Tilam Upih
Era / Tangguh:   Surakarta, 20th Century
Surface Pattern / Pamor: Udan Mas
Waves / Luks:   Straight
Handle / Hilt:   Solo (Surakarta)
Sheath / Scabbard:  Gayaman Solo, Timoho Wood
Length:    35.2 cm
Weight:           290 grams
Jinn/Genie/ Jinn Spirit  Yes

Main Characteristic:   Protection & Wealth, Good for business Success

Virtues: Attracts Good Luck, Helps to Attain Prosperity and Wealth, Good for business men & Women, Helps to secure & Attract Clients. Very good for commerce.

Description: Young Keris with very complete pamor on it.


*Certificate Of Authenticity & Psychic Reading Will Be Provided Upon Purchase*

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